jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

"Eddie Connolly" boxeador y antepasado lejano...

Eddie Connolly

BORN  November 18 1876; St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
HEIGHT5-8 1/2
WEIGHT128-143 lbs

Connolly was a fairly good boxer who had fast hands and a snappy punch; He fought for a title in three weight classes, two for World Championships; During his ring tenure, Eddie won the Welterweight Championship of the World and the Featherweight Championship of Canada

Connolly defeated such men as Matty Matthews, Jack "Twin" Sullivan, William "Kid" McPartland, Frank Garrard, Jimmy Dime, Stanton Abbott, Tom Causer, Tommy Broderick, George "Mystery" Kerwin, Barney Connors and Perry Queenan

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